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28 Dec 2022, News
Short Review from Pizzicato for SPARKS: EYE OF LONDON
www.pizzicato.lu/?s=navona+records Fanfares that aren't just fanfares,  SPARKS: EYE OF LONDON                is the name of a CD by the London Symphony Orchestra under Miran Vaupotic, which contains an unusual compilation of symphonic fanfares, unusual because it is music by contemporary (mostly American) composers, including Beth Mehocic, Ferdinando DeSena, Eric Klein , Sergio Cervetti, Daniel Perttu, Mark John McEncroe and Hans Bakker (Dutch). Most of ...
19 Dec 2022, News
Airplay for "Toccata for Organ" from SOURCE GROUND
I had like to share with you a bit of recent airplay for "Toccata for Organ" from album SOURCE GROUND!  NW California. Look at 9.03.                https://spinitron.com/KMUD/pl/ 16774744/Classical-DJ?sp= 339712463 SPINITRON.COM  Classical DJ Thu Dec 15 with rotating hosts on KMUD Garberville A broad selection of traditional, modern, contemporary, and electronic classical styles with hosts; Douglas, Jordan, Margaret, or Dennis.
27 Oct 2022, News
SPARKS: EYE of LONDON, Navona Records release
Tomorrow release day! nv6454-SPARKS_EYE_OF_LONDON-album_front_cover.jpg    Preorder album: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0BHJ852S8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_d_asin_title_o00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
13 Oct 2022, News
Airplay of Ananke for orchestra by Classical Discoveries on WPRB
Very happy to share this with you. This morning at 07:06 Ananke for orchestra on WPRB. Thanks, Marvin!   www.classicaldiscoveries.org   If you enjoy contemporary eclectic music and missed today’s program I just uploaded the sound files to Mixcloud.Playlist below or at:Playlists below and at:  http://www.classicaldiscoveries.org/playlists_2022.html... https://playlists.wprb.com/.../Classical-Discoveries...    If you need more information go to my website at
07 Oct 2022, News
Toccatina for piano, performed by Rangel Silaev on YouTube
Rangel Silaev interprets masterfully the tickling and energetic content of this whimsical piece.  https://youtu.be/fysqCProCSE    The Toccatina for piano i s track 4 from the CD Source Ground.  https://www.navonarecords.com/catalog/nv6452/#listen
03 Oct 2022, News
VRIJE GELUIDEN - VPRO Radio 4: Spark & Dare Voce I
Very happy that last night, October 2, the trio Spark and Dare Voce could be heard yesterday in the program Vrije Geluiden by Aad van Nieuwkerk. Here is the link to listen back. The item starts at ± 40 minutes. https://www.nporadio4.nl/ broadcasts/free-sounds/d5ff0368-061d-4d03-a96d-8a2a4432aff1/2022-10-02-free-sounds-stemweek-klassieke-top-400-tips
01 Oct 2022, News
VRIJE GELUIDEN - VPRO Radio 4. Pieces of CD Source Ground
VRIJE GELUIDEN - VPRO Sunday evening 2 October Aad van Nieuwkerk will play a few pieces from my album Source Ground on NPR Radio 4 in the program Vrije Geluiden, at 23:00. I look forward to it and invite you! Here is the link to previews:    https://www.navonarecords.com/catalog/nv6452/#listen
26 Sep 2022, News
Source Ground is out NOW. Check it out HERE
For those who wish to learn more , or buy the album:    https://www.navonarecords.com/ catalog/nv6452/
24 Sep 2022, News
Source Ground is out. Proud!
https://www.parmarecordings. com/september-23-2022-new- releases/        Click, scroll and check it out...
24 Aug 2022, News
Preview of album Source Ground available
Hereby the preview of my new album that will be released September 23rd: track 1 Ananke. https://youtu.be/AjnRhDMV5F0 (Headphones or speakers required)
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