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31 Oct 2018, News
Brand new review for LEGENDS & LIGHT from The Whole Note
Happy with another new, now Canadian review. And totally different!    https://www.thewholenote.com/ index.php/booksrecords2/ booksrecords2-2?limit=16& start=16   Another example of the fact that the mind of the connoisseur can, according to ability, say sensible things about the music on the basis of knowledge. But what matters is the experience of the music by the receptive listener, although I never forget that listeners are free to feel and judge as they want.
27 Oct 2018, News
New Cinemusical review: Legends and Light Reveals 4 Orchestral Works
 Delighted to share with you this review for LEGENDS & LIGHT from Cinemusical online, awarding the album 4 out of 4 stars for both performance and recording:  http://maestrosteve.xanga.com/ 2018/10/24/legends-and-light- reveals-4-new-orchestral- works                      First up is a work by Hans Bakker (b. 1945) from the Netherlands.  His  Canzona III Hidden in Her Light  is an abstract musical tone poem told through a ...
21 Oct 2018, News
CONTEMPORARY ORCHESTRAL THINKING: Canzona III Hidden in Her Light (my Sun Song)
http://transcentury.blogspot.com/2018/10/contemporary-orchestral-thinking.html    About CD LEGENDS AND LIGHT (Navona Records NV6187)   "...The most intriguing-sounding is Hans Bakker’s Canzona III Hidden in Her Light, a hymn to the sun, which is a three-movement work with some genuinely interesting orchestral touches. The intermingling of the non-string portions of the orchestra with the string sections is unusual, and the work has the feeling of a personal expression of delight in ...
21 Oct 2018, News
CD LEGENDS & LIGHT , incl. Canzona III Hidden in her Light
LEGENDS & LIGHT also received a feature spot of the Classical Music Discoveries podcast. I've linked the podcast episode below: https://www.podomatic.com/ podcasts/khedgecock/episodes/ 2018-10-13T15_35_29-07_00     "The most popular classic music show in the world", as they say. NB Start listening to the music commercial intro at about two and a half minutes!
20 Oct 2018, News
Bachdag Amersfoort, 13 October 2018
Première of 'Prelude, Intermezzo and Fugue for flute and violoncello' LOOK BACK: Beautiful memory of a beautiful music day and a glowing premiere!      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dn1_d0FaiIM     LOOKING OUT: We are looking forward to Sint Aegtenkapel, 13 January at 11:00, with a new premiere:    https://flint.nl/programma/seizoen-1819/francien-post-fluit-sander-westphal-cello-corien-van-den-berg-piano/
15 Oct 2018, News
CD LEGENDS & LIGHT, including Canzona III Hidden in her Light; listen to the complete album on Spotify
LEGENDS AND LIGHT                                                         Listen to the complete album on Spotify: https://parmarecordings-news.com/october-2018-new-releases-from-big-round-navona-and-ravello-records/                                          ...
08 Oct 2018, News
Première of Prelude, Intermezzo & Fuga on the Bach-dag Amersfoort, October 13
04 Oct 2018, News
CD LEGENDS & LIGHT, including Canzona III Hidden in her Light for orchestra
Here’s the Amazon pre-order link for LEGENDS & LIGHT.  Buy for you, buy for your friends, buy for your family, even buy for your enemies! I hope you enjoy listening to it:          http://bit.ly/LEGENDSANDLIGHTpreorder Legends & Light - New Works for Large Ensembles
17 Sep 2018, News
Première of Prelude, Intermezzo & Fuga on the Bach-dag Amersfoort, October 13
http://www.bachdagamersfoort.nl/programma-overzicht/      The whole city with all its beautiful halls, churches and chapels is bustling with Bach. Sander Westphal plays parts from the Third cello suite, and Francien Post plays the Solo sonata in a minor by C Ph E Bach. They also play the premiere of Prelude, Intermezzo & Fuga- with a wink to Bach - a work dedicated to them by composer Hans Bakker; in the Mannenzaal, Westsingel 47 at 16.00 and at 17.00   Almost all concerts are ...
17 Sep 2018, News
Trailer of CD LEGENDS & LIGHT, including Canzona III Hidden in Her Light for orchestra
Release on October 12. Sheet music score available on:  https://hansbakker.musicaneo.com/…/sm-290941_canzona_iii_hi… YOUTUBE.COM  Legends & Light Trailer  LEGENDS AND LIGHT  NEW WORKS FOR LARGE ENSEMBLE  Hans Bakker  Jan Järvlepp  Clive Muncaster  Shirley Mier  PARMA Recordings…
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