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06 Jan 2020, News
More airplay for FIGMENTS, incl. Tiento I & II for guitar, last week on WCNY
29 Dec 2019, News
Spotlight on CD LEGENDS AND LIGHT for orchestra. Diverse and Interesting; by GEOFF PEARCE
This positive Australian review of "Canzona III Hidden in Her Light" by Geoff Pearce - January 2019 - just discovered. With pleasant and handy listening examples:     https://www.classicalmusicdaily.com/2019/01/legends.htm
28 Dec 2019, News
Pleasant prospect...! Airplay on Croatian national radio.
Exciting and pleasant prospect...!                              https://radio.hrt.hr/treci-program/ep/americana/326442/           Airplay on Croatian national radio on 01-06-2020 at 23.30; among other things Tiento I & II for guitar.
16 Dec 2019, News
Marvellous recording on December 13 by the Kühn Choir Prague of Three New Choirworks
Marvellous recording  on last Friday, December 13, by the Kühn Choir Prague:    "Ich habe den Menschen gesehen" for SATB; "Rat" for SATB; and "Rat" for TTBB. With Jan Kozulic from PARMA Recordings as an inspiring and highly skilled Recording sessions manager. --  It is a sequel to CD Seeking & Finding (NV5877) from 2012.    https://open.spotify.com/album/46Ixwmdm11UdxodBqjZdaI
29 Nov 2019, News
Dare voce II for lame sonore premiered
Hans Bakker  was feeling happy with  Annette Scholten  and others at Dienstencentrum Copernicus.   24 November ·  The Hague · Somextro Composers Meeting. My composition DARE VOCE II masterfully performed by Annette Scholten on lame sonore. In a fascinating program with works by Hans Bakker, Marc van Delft, Peter Greve, Geoffrey Madge, Daan Manneke, Mathieu Polak, Maurice Verheul and Peter Visser.                      ...
28 Nov 2019, News
New Airplay for FIGMENTS VOL. 2: Tiento II for guitar
Happy to pass along airplay for FIGMENTS VOL 2., California. https://spinitron.com/KMUD/pl/9837881/Moonlight-Sonatas Tatakh Huismans, performing Tiento II from Figments, Vol. 2, SPINITRON.COM
23 Nov 2019, News
Airplay of Tiento I for guitar
AirPlay in the State of Vermont (USA), November 12, at 8:43; with Tiento I by Hans Bakker; performed by Ruud Harte. CD Figments. SPINITRON.COM The Floating Head of Zsa Zsa Tue Nov 12 with Laima Harmon on WRUV Trusted by over 200 non-commercial stations, Spinitron supports playlist logging, reporting, web publishing, automation, push and much more.
19 Nov 2019, News
NOV 24, Somextro Open Podium Voor en Door Componisten
Aanvang concert om 15:00 uur!                                                                  HET PROGRAMMA:                                                                  ...
18 Nov 2019, News
UPDATE: Somextro Open Stage For and By Composers. 24 November 2019
UPDATE:  Next Sunday, November 24, starting at 15:00!, there will be another meeting of Somextro, open stage for and by composers, at Copernicus Dienstencentrum, Daguerrestraat 16, 2561 TT The Hague. The program includes works by Hans Bakker*, Monique Copper, Marc van Delft, Peter Greve, Geoffrey Madge, Mathieu Polak, Maurice Verheul and Peter Visser, among others. *1. Dare voce II for lame sonore, dedicated to and premiered by Annette Scholten. *2. Prelude & Ballade for guitar, ...
09 Nov 2019, News
Somextro Open Stage For and By Composers. 24 November 2019
Hereby an invitation for you!    Sunday, 24 November 2019 from 14:00-18:00       Two of my works will premiere: one for guitar and one for lame sonorous by Ruud Harte and Annette Scholten respectively. Great!                                  Dienstencentrum Copernicus Daguerrestraat 16, 2561 TT The Hague, Netherlands
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