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21 Oct 2018
CONTEMPORARY ORCHESTRAL THINKING: Canzona III Hidden in Her Light (my Sun Song)

http://transcentury.blogspot.com/2018/10/contemporary-orchestral-thinking.html   About CD LEGENDS AND LIGHT (Navona Records NV6187)   "...The most intriguing-sounding is Hans Bakker’s Canzona III Hidden in Her Light, a hymn to the sun, which is a three-movement work with some genuinely interesting orchestral touches. The intermingling of the non-string portions of the orchestra with the string sections is unusual, and the work has the feeling of a personal expression of delight in or admiration of the sun and all it stands for: this is not a work about actual sunrise so much as it is about an inward response to the sun’s existence. It expresses nothing specific, but constantly hints at a meaning beyond its musical phrases."



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