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22 Dec 2018
A recent feature spot in American Record Guide

LEGENDS & LIGHT was also reviewed in the recent publication of American Record Guide. While the review is a quite harsh.   This critic is inadmissible for the music of Canzona III Hidden in Her Light. He calls it "rash and directionless". OK, just as rash as a flowing mountain stream in front of the sea, and just as directionless as the sky ladders in an autumn forest are in front of the sun! It is not spent on him !! Better judge yourself, listener ...                                    I've linked screenshots of the article below:       https://drive.google.com/open? id=1kkcY_sjvnrJHKYd- e7ODwgY3D3l7DjGG     https://drive.google.com/open? id=1A03TPsXL-s5PiXxKB6- 2EwfT4wMVipPp




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