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18 Nov 2019
UPDATE: Somextro Open Stage For and By Composers. 24 November 2019

UPDATE: Next Sunday, November 24, starting at 15:00!, there will be another meeting of Somextro, open stage for and by composers, at Copernicus Dienstencentrum, Daguerrestraat 16, 2561 TT The Hague.

The program includes works by Hans Bakker*, Monique Copper, Marc van Delft, Peter Greve, Geoffrey Madge, Mathieu Polak, Maurice Verheul and Peter Visser, among others.

*1. Dare voce II for lame sonore, dedicated to and premiered by Annette Scholten.
*2. Prelude & Ballade for guitar, dedicated to and premiered by Ruud Harte.



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