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20 Nov 2018
Another nice 'Legends & Light' review from TEXTURA on 'Legends & Light' (Navona Records NV6187):

Another nice review: http://textura.org/archives/v/va_legendslight.htm      "The album opens with the three-part tone poem Canzona III: Hidden in Her Light, the final installment in a triptych by the Netherlands-based Bakker and like the earlier parts a hymn (or canticle, in the composer's own words) to the sun. Performed with conviction by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra (Petr Vronský conducting), each of the movements plays like a short story or symphonic poem for orchestra, with the material enlivened by folk melodies, mood contrasts, and rhythmic intensity. Whether it be the sober “Moderato” or graceful “Allegretto,” the soundworlds evoked by Bakker are richly evocative, drawing as they do from the full sonic resources of the orchestra, and redolent of mystery, mysticism, and drama."



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