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05 jun 2016, Artigo
Listen to all of Bakker: The Unnamed Source in the Spotify app
Spotify users: here's all listen to my music recorded for the label Navona Records: The Unnamed Source; Fine Music, vol. 5; The Parma sessions: Vit Muzik; Seeking and Finding; Dances of Eternity, Works for Orchestra; Pinnacle:      https://open.spotify.com/album/3WXy1ueM4aQCR13FOGnHrp
05 jun 2016, Notícias
Lecture with music
Assistant Professor Mieke Koenen (biographer of poet Ida Gerhardt) gives a lecture on June 19 about Ida Gerhardt and her involvement with the magazine Tijd en Taak (Time and Task). Reading Mieke Koenen takes place in De Rode Hoed in Amsterdam at 14.30   After reading the Dame Blanche duo will give the world premiere of the song "In Flanders' lyrics by Ida Gerhardt put to music by composer Hans Bakker.   Reservation required: http://www.banningvereniging.nl/event/lezing-over-ida-gerhardt/
02 mai 2016, Artigo
Hans Bakker, 26 april, at 22:01
02 mai 2016, Artigo
ALL MUSIC : A lot of music and information, from a different angle.
 A lot of music and information, from a different angle.                                           Overview, discography, compositions, credits.
05 mar 2016, Notícias
New Project: The Music of Hans Bakker and Peter Greve
http://www.parmarecordings.blogspot.nl/2016/03/new-project-music-of-hans-bakker-and.html Stay tuned for more news on the upcoming duo album, and in the meantime check out the newly released PINNACLE in Navona Records' catalog: http://www.navonarecords.com/catalog/nv6022/
20 jan 2016, Notícias
LEYS III on cd PINNACLE (NV2022) received airplay today, at 10.04 am,  on WRUV, a radio station based out Vermont (USA) wruv.radioactivity.fm  Playlist info for: 'The Floating Head of Zsa Zsa' on 01-19-2016   Here is a link to the playlist: http://wruv.radioactivity.fm/playlist.htmlshowoid=1366&date=01-19-2016
16 jan 2016, Notícias
CD PINNACLE just released. SHEETMUSIC right now available.
CD PINNACLE just released ( on 8 January 2016)                                   Navona Records presents PINNACLE (NV2022), a compilation of chamber  works   that highlights , amongst others,  Hans Bakker's  "Brenne" for violin and  piano, "Leys III" for flute, violin and guitar, and "Hortus Conclusus" for cello  and piano.                   ...
13 jan 2016, Notícias
CD PINNACLE out now!
Released on 8 January 2016         Navona Records presents PINNACLE (NV2022), a compilation of contemporary chamber works by composer Hans Bakker, amongst others, that highlights  "Brenne" for violin and piano, "Leys III" for flute, violin and guitar, and "Hortus Conclusus" for cello and piano. (available on MusicaNeo)     https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/pinnacle/id1061272893       https://open.spotify.com/album/1I0fO0t8HBxObUlkye3zpJ
19 dez 2015, Notícias
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