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12 май 2024, Новости
June 20, 2024 - Recording of Magnificat for SATB and Organ in Praag.
I am pleased to announce the date of the recording of my Magnificat as June 20th by the Kühn Choir of Prague for the Navona Records label. In Mary the female mystery comes to light. She expresses her deepest being in the hymn Magnificat. And that has become a prayer for others.
12 мар 2024, Новости
Download for free until Easter: the improved version of Trio, No.2 Ich Ruf Zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ
This improved version of Trio, No.2 Choralprelude: Ich Ruf Zu Dir, Herr Jesu Christ can be downloaded for free until Easter. (there were 36 downloads of the first version)  https://hansbakker.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-527847_three_trios_for_organ_no_2_choralprelude_ich_ruf_zu_dir.html
09 сен 2023, Новости
Thuiskomst (Homecoming) - for SATB
On April 4 of this year, Twan Vet, as city poet, published the poem 'Thuiskomst' (Homecoming) in the weekly magazine De Stad Amersfoort,  with the strong closing sentence, the crux: "...dit is een thuiskomst, zonder dat je wist dat je die nodig had" (“…this is a homecoming, unbeknownst to you that you needed it”). As long as we are not yet ready to return home to Roma Aeterna, the city of God, the Heavenly Jerusalem,  I thought that was a nice and strong text for a choral piece, ...
26 авг 2023, Новости
Beautiful varied work by Hans Bakker
Nice and clear review by Roel Sikkema today in the Nederlands Dagblad of my album Source Ground.        https://www.nd.nl/lees/1188463                                             Further CD info:  https://www.navonarecords.com/catalog/nv6452/
12 июл 2023, Новости
Trio SPARK by the Keuris Ensemble (SoundCloud)
Happy with this touching Spark for piano trio by the Keuris Ensemble: Lis Perry, violin; Matthias Naegele, cello; Henry Kelder, piano. - Live registration of concert 'Onbegrensd' on 19 November 2022 in Eemklooster, Amersfoort.                https://soundcloud.com/henry- kelder/spark-bakker-1?si= 122ae68c00c748789507ab71ade7bd 6b&utm_source=clipboard&utm_ medium=text&utm_campaign= social_sharing                 ...
09 июн 2023, Новости
New review of CD SPARKS: EYE OF LONDON (NV6454)
Another nice review of CD SPARKS: EYE OF LONDON from Take Effect, including  Fanfare Ananke-Necessity for orchestra.          Listen link: 6th line from the top.  https:// takeeffectreviews.com/may-2023-4/2023/5/31/london-symphony-orchestra        "A very diverse body of work that navigates through soothing, abstract and animated song craft, the London Symphony Orchestra make the most of every superb moment here."
08 июн 2023, Новости
Recent review from Take Effect on SOURCE GROUND/ on the organ works
https://takeeffectreviews.com/may-2023-4/2023/5/31/hans-bakker    Delighted with this recent review from Take Effect! About the 4 organ pieces: '... The keys again are present later on in “Three Pieces for organ”, where Frans Jan Wijma’s organ prowess is calm, reflective and sometimes haunting, while Maarten Wilmink takes over on organ for the dense, eerie album highlight that is “Toccata For Organ”...' 
04 июн 2023, Новости
Recent review from Take Effect on SOURCE GROUND
https://takeeffectreviews.com/ may-2023-4/2023/5/31/hans- bakker       Delighted with this recent review from Take Effect!      The review concludes thus:"...A very compelling listen that spans bare and busy textures, the many players on hand sure do illuminate Bakker’s vision with incredible fluidity that allows each track to have its own distinct identity."
08 апр 2023, Новости
Easter greetings with: Metamorfose for organ
When I recently looked at the first lines of 'Three Entelechies for organ, No.3 The Heavenly Ladder'  a new organ piece came to mind: Metamorphosis.  It has actually become the expression of the Easter thought for me.  An extremely concise poem by the 14th century Persian poet and mystic Hafiz, admired by Goethe and Brahms, was my emotional guideline: "Wine is like the Lord Jesus Christ; it can bring the dead to life."  Provided they are able to absorb that wine of life within ...
25 фев 2023, Новости
New airplay of: Dare Voce No.1 for Lame Sonore - CD Source Ground - on KHNS Community Radio
https://spinitron.com/KHNS/pl/17036570/Allegro-Ma-Non-Troppo?sp=344759531     Annette Scholten plays from   2 Preludes for Lame Sonore "Dare Voce": No. Largo, Hans Bakker. CD Source Ground, track 13                https://www.navonarecords.com/catalog/nv6452/  
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