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19 ноя 2020, Новости
Cd VOICES featured in Sonograma
16 ноя 2020, Новости
CURRENT BACKGROUND ARTICLE about Giordano Bruno's "Quin tu ure/Brenn, Ich fleh' dich an/Burn I beg you"
https://irp-cdn.multiscreensite.com/b4a13b5a/files/uploaded/Monatsschrift-Magische-Blaetter-Heft-10-November-2020.pd                                                MAGISCHE BLÄTTER, Issue 10, November 2020, p.72-75:                     Giordano Bruno's "Ich fleh' dich an" (Burn, I beg you/Quin tu ure)  by Rob van der ...
24 окт 2020, Новости
Tomorrow night RADIO NPO 4, at VRIJE GELUIDEN, CD VOICES of EARTH and AIR, Vol.3: tracks 10 -13
https://www.nporadio4.nl/vrijegeluiden/aad-van-nieuwkerk              Tomorrow night  on the radio same place and time: CD VOICES of EARTH and AIR, Vol.3: : tracks 10-12 'RAT' and 'Ich Habe den Menschen gesehen', by Hans Bakker
24 окт 2020, Новости
Tonight Radio NPO 4, at VRIJE GELUIDEN, CD VOICES of EARTH and AIR, Vol.3: track 14
https://www.nporadio4.nl/vrijegeluiden/aad-van-nieuwkerk                              Tonight between 23:00 - 24:00, track 14 of VOICES of EARTH and AIR, Vol.3: Music at The Heart of Creation, by Christopher J. Hoh
15 окт 2020, Новости
Tiento I with score - now on YouTube too
- on YouTube:  https://youtu.be/Mk9wQ4X7mr8 - on CD Figments, Vol.2, track 3:  https://www.navonarecords.com/catalog/nv6259/
10 окт 2020, Новости
The same, but different.
 Watch, listen and buy if you like:  https://www.navonarecords.com/catalog/nv6299/    With  this link you have less clicking to access the page:        http://bit.ly/EARTHAIR3
09 окт 2020, Новости
Just released: VOICES of EARTH & AIR, Vol. 3
Here you can enjoy all the tracks:                                                    https://open.spotify.com/album/0k0lYU1Kea4kv3cWewFVgn?si=vzlzbj8zQamGmMmR2BNiqw                                Nota bene: sheet music of tracks 10 & 12 can be downloaded for free here on MusicaNeo.
08 окт 2020, Новости
One more night's sleep, and then it's there: VOICES OF EARTH AND AIR, VOL. 3 !
Preview: VOICES OF EARTH AND AIR, VOL. 3 !   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42dfNdfegYk
15 сен 2020, Новости
The harvest of the month of August: String quartet No. 2; and Preces for string quartet
String quartet No. 2 has four movements:    https://hansbakker.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-513114_string_quartet_no_2_for_open_door.html Preces (Prayer) for string quartet is based on the Gregorian Pater Noster theme:    https://hansbakker.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-513021_preces_for_string_quartet.html          
09 сен 2020, Новости
Album gallery on ArkivMusic
Another Gallery. Nice to see. Hope you like it too.    http://www.arkivmusic.com/classical/albumList.jsp?name_id1=211816&name_role1=1&bcorder=1
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