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21 май 2018, Новости
SOMEXTRO: Open podium for and by composers, on 17 June in The Hague.
SOMEXTRO:  With at least the Premieres of two Clarinet Trios (clarinet, cello and piano), namely  by Peter Greve, and by Hans Bakker! Peter plays the piano part in both pieces, and Hans the cello part.   My Clarinet Trio piece 'Breeze of Twilight' wants to give an associative expression to the way each of us has to go in the time to get his own inner spiritual space. The breeze in music is more a fierce wind, which expresses the eventful time of the twilight period of this sublunary, ...
17 мар 2018, Новости
Tiento I for guitar will be released.
Ruud Harte Guitarist     shared (t)his message on Facebook: March 14 at 5:00 pm:      "Fantastic news! The recording of Tiento I by composer Hans Bakker, which I made a while ago, has been accepted by PARMA Recordings and will be released on CD 😁 I will keep you informed !!"
12 фев 2018, Новости
Dutch premiere of Easy Piece for cello and piano by the Amersfoort based composer Hans Bakker
Francien Post (flute), Sander Westphal (cello) en Corien van den Berg (piano).    These Amersfoort musicians this time bring a program with romantic German works:    the virtuoso Trio op.78 by J. N. Hummel and parts from the breathtakingly Trio in d minor op.49 by F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy. Also one Dutch piece, the warm-blooded Petite Pièce for cello and piano by Hans Bakker. Sunday 11 feb 2018 ⋅ 11:00    ...
11 фев 2018, Новости
Last Friday, February 9, the day was there: We presented our first cd ‘Angelo’! Several newspapers wrote articles about the CD and the newly built ‘lame sonore classique’. The concert was sold out really quickly, so today at 5pm we will perform the program again at the beautiful Museum Vosbergen (a museum for musical instruments). You can order the CD at   http\://www.annettescholten.nl/en/order-cd/. There you can also hear short samples of the tracks on the CD. 
10 фев 2018, Новости
An American Record Guide review of CD TOMORROW'S AIR
Published on  Published on  February 10, 2018 The album TOMORROW'S AIR was recently reviewed on AMERICAN RECORD GUIDE, writing, "It is pretty rare for me to return to an album of contemporary composers whose work was unknown to me, so I thought I’d tell you about this. It has been growing on me." VROON I've attached the link below: http://gofile.me/38WGw/Izi4bb7f5
25 янв 2018, Новости
CD Presentation on February 9, 2018 at 20.15 in Museum Vosbergen, Eelde , the Netherlands; info@museumvosbergen.nl On the CD 'Angelo' there are works for Lame Sonore and Piano. In addition to two new compositions especially written for them - by the Dutch composers Hans Bakker en Tjalling Wijnstra - the CD contains music, which was originally written for other instruments, but which lends itself well to the Lame Sonore Classique; a newly developed version with, among other things, a sound box, making ...
14 ноя 2017, Новости
Review Graveyard recently published a review for TOMORROW’S AIR
Here is the link:  http://www.reviewgraveyard. com/00_revs/r2017/music/17-09- 08_tomorrows-air.html While the review is on the shorter side, it was given a 10/10. Great to see!
10 ноя 2017, Новости
NOV 19, SOMEXTRO, Open Podium voor Componisten, Den Haag (NL): Tiento I for guitar, Hans Bakker
SOMEXTRO, Dienstencentrum Copernicus, Daguerrestraat 16, 2561 TT Den Haag Programma: 16 werken live en m.b.v. audio-visuele middelen : 1. Maurice Verheul: "A airbrush Hajj kiosk is pour" voor piano & uitleg over het Opus Clavicembalisticum van K. S. Sorabji  door Geoffrey Madge   2. Hans Bakker: Tiento 1 voor gitaar           3. Peter Visser: - Pastorale voor altviool;  Tombeau voor piano  4. Frank den Herder: Sonate voor viool en piano, ...
04 ноя 2017, Новости
Pre-announcement video
Hans Bakker  heeft de  video  van  Ruud Harte Guitarist  gedeeld.   On Sunday, November 19th, I play the piece Tiento I of composer Hans Bakker in The Hague, Netherlands at Dienstencentrum Copernicus, Daguerrestraat 16, 2561 TT. Here is the introduction. NB This is the link for the sheet music:  https://hansbakker.musicaneo.com/…/sm-248825_tiento_i_for_g… 273 weergaven    Ruud Harte Guitarist         2 november om 17:00
01 ноя 2017, Новости
New review of TOMORROW'S AIR. October 19, 2017
TOMORROW’S AIR was recently reviewed on   infodad.com.   See review number 3.   I believe this quote rings true, “all the composers heard here clearly have a finel y honed sense of the capabilities of the instruments for which they write”. Here is the link:  http://transcentury.blogspot.com/…/…/orchestra-handlers.html (++++) ORCHESTRA HANDLERS Bruckner: Symphony No. 4. Staatskapelle Dresden conducted by Christian Thielemann. Profil. $16.99. Dwight Beckham, Sr.: Fanfare 40; ...
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