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21 mai 2021, Notícias
New PREMIERE: Three Pieces for organ, No.1 SOURCE GROUND - QUELLGRUND
Another premiere! That's how No.1 Source Ground - Quellgrund, from the Three Pieces for organ sounds. Played by Frans Jan Wijma on the Kreszow-organ, Poland. (M. Engler 1732-1737 / HW Sonus Paradisi)                      Click the "Listen" button at the top left. https://hansbakker.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-522205_three_pieces_for_organ_no_1_source_ground_-_quellgrund.html
19 mai 2021, Notícias
Three Pieces for organ, No.2 INVOCATION
Premiere. How does No.2 Invocation sound on the Cavaillé-Coll organ (1885) of the St Etienne, Caen, France?? Click the "Listen" button at the top left. NB Sheet music free!    https://hansbakker.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-522698_three_pieces_for_organ_no_2_invocation.html
02 mar 2021, Notícias
New review for VOICES OF EARTH & AIR VOL. III in Textura
https://www.textura.org/ archives/v/va_ voicesearthair23.htm          I’m happy to share a new review for VOICES OF EARTH & AIR VOL. III, including: " Ich habe den Menschen gesehen  "(I know the human being in its deepest form). Featured in Textura, who said of the album, “based on the evidence at hand, choral composition writing and performance has never been healthier and more abundant than it is today.”
03 fev 2021, Notícias
A & B is Enough - for viola and bass clarinet (or tenor saxophone)
LISTEN AGAIN:  WHAT PROGRESS COMPARED TO DIGITAL AUDIO!            A & B is Enough - for viola and bass clarinet (or tenor saxophone): NOW PLAYED BY FRED VOGELS ON HIS COMPUTER, on SOUNDCLOUD:        https://soundcloud.com/hans-bakker-8/a-b-is-enough-for-viola-and-bass-clarinet                                                 ...
05 jan 2021, Notícias
Report of VOICES OF EARTH & AIR, Vol. 3 in the IAWM Journal
There was a small write-up of VOICES OF EARTH & AIR in the Journal of the International Alliance for Women in Music:                      https://drive.google.com/file/ d/ 1ZYDobHTDejRa8sN7RzB317kouoJ6M sWe/view                   Navona NV6299 (2020). To purchase: https://amzn.to/3bNeMVg
19 nov 2020, Notícias
Cd VOICES featured in Sonograma
16 nov 2020, Notícias
CURRENT BACKGROUND ARTICLE about Giordano Bruno's "Quin tu ure/Brenn, Ich fleh' dich an/Burn I beg you"
https://irp-cdn.multiscreensite.com/b4a13b5a/files/uploaded/Monatsschrift-Magische-Blaetter-Heft-10-November-2020.pd                                                MAGISCHE BLÄTTER, Issue 10, November 2020, p.72-75:                     Giordano Bruno's "Ich fleh' dich an" (Burn, I beg you/Quin tu ure)  by Rob van der ...
16 nov 2020, Artigo
AKTUELLER HINTERGRUND ARTIKEL über Giordano Bruno's "Quin tu ure / Brenn, ich fleh dich an"
https://irp-cdn.multiscreensite.com/b4a13b5a/files/uploaded/Monatsschrift-Magische-Blaetter-Heft-10-November-2020.pd                                                          MAGISCHE BLÄTTER, Heft 10, November 2020, p.72-75:                      Giordano Bruno's "Brenn, ich fleh' dich an" von Rob van der ...
24 out 2020, Notícias
Tomorrow night RADIO NPO 4, at VRIJE GELUIDEN, CD VOICES of EARTH and AIR, Vol.3: tracks 10 -13
https://www.nporadio4.nl/vrijegeluiden/aad-van-nieuwkerk              Tomorrow night  on the radio same place and time: CD VOICES of EARTH and AIR, Vol.3: : tracks 10-12 'RAT' and 'Ich Habe den Menschen gesehen', by Hans Bakker
24 out 2020, Notícias
Tonight Radio NPO 4, at VRIJE GELUIDEN, CD VOICES of EARTH and AIR, Vol.3: track 14
https://www.nporadio4.nl/vrijegeluiden/aad-van-nieuwkerk                              Tonight between 23:00 - 24:00, track 14 of VOICES of EARTH and AIR, Vol.3: Music at The Heart of Creation, by Christopher J. Hoh
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