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16 Nov 2020, Article
AKTUELLER HINTERGRUND ARTIKEL über Giordano Bruno's "Quin tu ure / Brenn, ich fleh dich an"
https://irp-cdn.multiscreensite.com/b4a13b5a/files/uploaded/Monatsschrift-Magische-Blaetter-Heft-10-November-2020.pd                                                          MAGISCHE BLÄTTER, Heft 10, November 2020, p.72-75:                      Giordano Bruno's "Brenn, ich fleh' dich an" von Rob van der ...
21 May 2018, Article
SOMEXTRO: Open podium for and by composers, on 17 June in The Hague. Premiere Clarinet Trio: Breeze of Twilight
SOMEXTRO: My Trio for clarinet, violoncello and piano "Breeze of Twilight" wants to give an associative expression to the way each of us has to go in the time to get his own inner spiritual space. The breeze in music is more a fierce wind, which expresses the eventful stirring time of the twilight period of this sublunary mundane, although it is also an allusion to the Spirit (pneuma / anima) that blows where He wants.    ...
15 Sep 2017, Article
Hans Bakker and The Inside Story: On Composing
PARMA Recordings News, September 14, 2017                                         https://parmarecordings-news.com/hans-bakker-inside-story-composing/ Dutch composer  Hans Bakker  has written music for chamber groups, orchestra, carillon, and choir, including the choir cycle Prasasti. He has been featured on  Navona Records  albums eight times, most recently appearing with ...
28 Apr 2017, Article
New Airplay in Vermont (USA) for Easy Piece - CD Lines to Infinity (Navona Records NV6070)
http://wruv.radioactivity.fm/playlist.html?showoid=1366&date=04-25-2017 at 11:26 am.   Hans Bakker: Easy Piece for cello and piano, performed by Ludmila Bubenickova & Lucie Kauka. From CD Lines to Infinity, Hans Bakker & Peter Greve; Navona Playlist info for: 'The Floating Head of Zsa Zsa' on 04-25-2017
18 Mar 2017, Article
New Kathodik Review for LINES TO INFINITY (Navona Records NV6070
I am pleased to share with you this nice Italian (March 2017) review for LINES TO INFINITY (Navona Records NV6070). Here is the link to the Kathodik review:   http://www.kathodik.it/modules.php name=Reviews&rop=showcontent&id=6529                                     "What is striking from listening to this selection of chamber music pages (not more than three instruments, among which prevails the ...
02 Mar 2017, Article
Another Nice Review of LINES TO INFINITY
I’m delighted to let you know that LINES TO INFINITY received another nice review from Review Graveyard; I’ve shared the link below: http://www.reviewgraveyard.com/00_revs/r2017/music/17-01-13_lines-infinity.html Classical Music Review
01 Mar 2017, Article
New Chamber Music from the Netherlands | Cinemusica
http://maestrosteve.xanga.com/2017/01/25/new-chamber-music-from-the-netherlands/ New Chamber Music from the Netherlands | Cinemusical Lines to Infinity: Hans Bakker & Peter GraveCora Greevenbosch, flute. Ludmilla Bubenickova, cello. Petr Hladik, flute. Lucie Kaucka, piano. Marketa Soldanova,…MAESTROSTEVE.XANGA.COM
01 Mar 2017, Article
Another Airplay
I am delighted to share an instance of airplay for LINES TO INFINITY; you’ll find it in the link below, concerning the 3 th movement (Fugue) of TRIO for flute, oboe and clarinet. 2/21 KALX - Radiostation of Berkeley University, California, USA. https://twitter.com/kalxplaylist/status/834090818931740674 Discussion: Moderato - Hans Bakker & Peter Greve - Lines to Infinity (Navona)” TWITTER.COM
01 Feb 2017, Article
Review of CD Lines To Infinity
PARMA Recordings/1 februari om 20:53                                       Steven Kennedy of #Cinemusical reviewed Hans Bakker and Peter Greve's LINES TO INFINITY saying "The general quality of these pieces shifts between, tonal, modal, and atonal music in ways that still manage to connect to the listener emotionally and create enthralling music."                   ...
11 Jan 2017, Article
Artist Interview w/ Hans Bakker and Peter Greve. JANUARY 11, 2017
What was the thought process behind this album’s title: LINES TO INFINITY? PG: The interplay of waves, clouds and horizon on Hans’ magic cover photo The connection between the title of the CD and the title of the first piece on it: “Leys/Krachtlijnen” (= litterally translated: “Power Lines”) The sun, “infinitely” far away, above the horizon as a metaphore for the eternity of the Cosmos Would you please speak a little about your favorite piece of yours on ...
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