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22 Apr 2020, News
UMass Amherst Graduate Flute Studio recital
Concert program just received: nice memory of when it was still possible, and how hopefully it will be soon:
30 Mar 2020, News
New airplay of Tiento I for guitar, from CD Figments, Vol. 2
Happy to pass along another airplay from  WTUL (New Orleans):  Just played: Tiento I for guitar- performed  by Ruud Harte - Figments Vol. 2 (Navona Records NV6259)   1:51 p.m. · 12 mrt. 2020 · wtul.radioactivity.fm
30 Mar 2020, News
Another airplay of Tiento II for guitar, from CD Figments,
WTUL New Orleans @wtul   WTUL 91.5 FM.     Tiento II For Guitar Solo - Tatakh Huismans, guitar - Figments Vol. 2(Navona Records NV 6259)   2:58 p.m. · 26 feb. 2020 · wtul.radioactivity.fm
30 Mar 2020, News
Music playing from Berkeley's freeform college radio station: Tiento II for Guitar Solo
Great to see : Airplay 12:05pm Tiento II for Guitar Solo - Hans Bakker - Figments Volume 2, Contemporary Solo and Chamber Ensemble Works (Navona Records NV 6259)  19 feb. 2020 · KALX RadioActivity.fm    Berkeley's freeform college radio station.    @kalxplaylist
11 Mar 2020, News
Another airplay for FIGMENTS VOL. 2 , including Tiento I & II, from Radio Horizon in South Africa
Airplay for FIGMENTS VOL. 2 from Radio Horizon in South Africa, No. 10:  https://drive.google.com/open? id= 10VkBS1nyEXd43UvRO0KaEuWH0Qt- fCwJ  
09 Feb 2020, News
Graduate Flute Studio: New Music from PARMA Recordings. Univ. of Mass. 10 Feb. at 19:30 EST
Next Monday! Join the Graduate Flute Studio at   UMass Amherst Department of Music and Dance   as they perform music by PARMA composers   Ayala Asherov - אילה אשרוב ,   Hans Bakker Composer ,   Garth Baxter-Composer , Daniel Perttu, William Fletcher, and Byron Petty. This promises to be a beautiful evening of new music, and one you won't want to miss.  New Music from PARMA Recordings
27 Jan 2020, News
TRIOFORTE - flute, cello, piano - with an adventurous program in the context of "Bach to the Future".
https://flint.nl/programma/seizoen-19-20/trioforte/                               Coffee concert on 9-2-2020 at 11:00 in the Sint Aegten Chapel.  You will of course hear Johann Sebastian, but "the future" starts with son Carl Philipp Emanuel. Composers such as Mendelssohn, Gounod and Villa-Lobos were also inspired by the great master, as well as the Amersfoort composers Hans Bakker, Anne-Maartje Lemereis and Niek de Vente ...
24 Jan 2020, News
Video highlight from recent sessions with the Kühn Choir in Prague
Among other things 'Ich habe den Menschen gesehen' & 'Rat-Counsel' for SATB.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42dfNdfegYk    Text and sheet music free of charge at:    https://hansbakker.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-369667_rat_-_counsel_for_mixed_choir_satb.html
08 Jan 2020, News
Another airplay of Tiento II from CD Figments
Another airplay at University of California, Berkeley.    @kalxplaylist                  04:35am Tiento II - performed by Tatakh Huismans - Figments Volume 2 (Navona Records 6259). 1:34 p.m. · 17 dec. 2019·KALX  RadioActivity.fm                                                               ...
06 Jan 2020, News
More airplay for FIGMENTS, incl. Tiento I & II for guitar, last week on WCNY
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