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30 Aug 2017
Another nice review of Lines To Infinity ( Navona Records NV 6070)

                                        American Record Guide, September/October 2017, by Kraig Lamper:

“Hans Bakker’s sentimental, lazy, ‘Easy Piece’ is quite the opposite of Cervetti’s ‘I Can’t Breathe’. The cello saws out a fine melody while the piano provides a chunky, quiet accompaniment. The flute is the real star of the chamber ensemble program, with Peter Greve’s sonata allowing the instrument to flit through shifting, tonally and rhythmically, piano, it reminds me of Stravinsky...The motoric finale is agitated piano ostinato below longer, held tones in the melodic flute. Bakker’s Leys/Krachtlijnen frees the flute from accompaniment and harmonic tethers. Bakker fills the air with palindromes, flutters, octave leaps, sputters, keypads closing, and breath escaping.”       http://www.navonarecords.com/catalog/nv6070/                                       



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