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27 Oct 2018
New Cinemusical review: Legends and Light Reveals 4 Orchestral Works
 Delighted to share with you this review for LEGENDS & LIGHT from Cinemusical online, awarding the album 4 out of 4 stars for both performance and recording: 
http://maestrosteve.xanga.com/ 2018/10/24/legends-and-light- reveals-4-new-orchestral- works                    First up is a work by Hans Bakker (b. 1945) from the Netherlands.  His Canzona III Hidden in Her Light is an abstract musical tone poem told through a mostly tonal language.  A series of chords open the piece and a falling motif begins to move us into the first portion of the work.  The idea is set up through repetition that is further colored by different instrumental groupings.  There is an overall tripartite form here can be explored by the three tracks provided to connect to the different tempo divisions.  The music has an almost fairy tale, filmic dramatic flair.  Its central section has a beautiful little melancholy waltz that further explores the motif of the opening.



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