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01 Mar 2017, Article
New Chamber Music from the Netherlands | Cinemusica
http://maestrosteve.xanga.com/2017/01/25/new-chamber-music-from-the-netherlands/ New Chamber Music from the Netherlands | Cinemusical Lines to Infinity: Hans Bakker & Peter GraveCora Greevenbosch, flute. Ludmilla Bubenickova, cello. Petr Hladik, flute. Lucie Kaucka, piano. Marketa Soldanova,…MAESTROSTEVE.XANGA.COM
01 Mar 2017, Article
Another Airplay
I am delighted to share an instance of airplay for LINES TO INFINITY; you’ll find it in the link below, concerning the 3 th movement (Fugue) of TRIO for flute, oboe and clarinet. 2/21 KALX - Radiostation of Berkeley University, California, USA. https://twitter.com/kalxplaylist/status/834090818931740674 Discussion: Moderato - Hans Bakker & Peter Greve - Lines to Infinity (Navona)” TWITTER.COM
02 Feb 2017, News
Second Airplay of CD Lines To Infinity on NewYork tv/radio station
PARMA Recordings February 2 at 16:20 Tune into  WCNY  on  WCNY Classic FM  at 1 PM EST with  Diane Jones On The Air  today to hear airplay for  Lottie Enns-Braun  and Allen Harrington's highly reviewed VANISHING POINT, as well as  Hans Bakker  and  Peter Greve 's recent release LINES TO INFINITY.
02 Feb 2017, News
Airplay of CD Lines To Infinty at WMBR, the MIT student FM radio station, Massachusetts
January 30 at 16:18 WMBR is the MIT student FM radio station, broadcasting at 88.1 MHz and streaming on the Internet at wmbr.org. Tune into  WMBR 88.1FM  from 4-5:30 PM to hear airplay for Georges Raillard's BUTTERFLIES IN THE LABYRINTH OF SILENCE,  Peter Greve Componist  and  Hans Bakker 's LINES TO INFINITY,
01 Feb 2017, Article
Review of CD Lines To Infinity
PARMA Recordings/1 februari om 20:53                                       Steven Kennedy of #Cinemusical reviewed Hans Bakker and Peter Greve's LINES TO INFINITY saying "The general quality of these pieces shifts between, tonal, modal, and atonal music in ways that still manage to connect to the listener emotionally and create enthralling music."                   ...
11 Jan 2017, News
Artist Interview w: Hans Bakker and Peter Greve
11 Jan 2017, Article
Artist Interview w/ Hans Bakker and Peter Greve. JANUARY 11, 2017
What was the thought process behind this album’s title: LINES TO INFINITY? PG: The interplay of waves, clouds and horizon on Hans’ magic cover photo The connection between the title of the CD and the title of the first piece on it: “Leys/Krachtlijnen” (= litterally translated: “Power Lines”) The sun, “infinitely” far away, above the horizon as a metaphore for the eternity of the Cosmos Would you please speak a little about your favorite piece of yours on ...
18 Dec 2016, News
SANCTUS for SSAATB and Percussion
Nearly 25.000 hits via Somextro:  http://www.somextro.com/muziek/H/8-hans-bakker/14-seeking-finding.html                                                                          Sheet music:       http://hansbakker.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-236148_sanctus_for_ssaatb_and_percussion.html
18 Dec 2016, News
1 month ... https://soundcloud.com/parmarecordings/bakker-greve-trailer-trio-allegreto-bakker-1-sonata-larghetto-greve                                             Sheet music already available on MusicaNeo: http://hansbakker.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-248783_trio_for_flute_oboe_and_clarinet_-_score.html
26 Nov 2016, News
Upcoming Release of CD Lines To Infinity
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