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27 Jun 2020, News
Lass' Leben leuchten für Bass & Piano; ich freue mich darauf, mit Peter und Patrick zu arbeiten.
Ich bin froh, dass "Lass 'Leben leuchten" von Peter Greve (Klavier) und Patrick Rhedenborg (Bass) studiert wurde.  Der Komponist und Pianist Peter Greve hat eine Analyse durchgeführt, die die Hingabe zeigt, mit der beide sich dem Stück nähern. Daher die folgende Erklärung meinerseits als Antwort auf seine Kommentare: - In Bezug auf das gesamte Lied: Wie ich in der Beschreibung unter "Lass 'Leben leuchten" sage, sind diese wenigen Wörter Teil eines längeren mantraartigen Textes, den ich wegen ...
21 Jun 2020, News
Petite Suite for mandolin orchestra revised; soon on MusicaNeo
The revised Petite Suite for mandolin orchestra (from 2005) will soon be published on MusicaNeo. But if you need another piece for mandolin orchestra, the Serenata for mandolin orchestra (from 2003) might be right for you?  https://pan-verlag.com/download/Katalog_edition%20grenzland.pdf    : ZO-1069 Hans Bakker
22 Apr 2020, News
UMass Amherst Graduate Flute Studio recital
Concert program just received: nice memory of when it was still possible, and how hopefully it will be soon:
30 Mar 2020, News
New airplay of Tiento I for guitar, from CD Figments, Vol. 2
Happy to pass along another airplay from  WTUL (New Orleans):  Just played: Tiento I for guitar- performed  by Ruud Harte - Figments Vol. 2 (Navona Records NV6259)   1:51 p.m. · 12 mrt. 2020 · wtul.radioactivity.fm
30 Mar 2020, News
Another airplay of Tiento II for guitar, from CD Figments,
WTUL New Orleans @wtul   WTUL 91.5 FM.     Tiento II For Guitar Solo - Tatakh Huismans, guitar - Figments Vol. 2(Navona Records NV 6259)   2:58 p.m. · 26 feb. 2020 · wtul.radioactivity.fm
30 Mar 2020, News
Music playing from Berkeley's freeform college radio station: Tiento II for Guitar Solo
Great to see : Airplay 12:05pm Tiento II for Guitar Solo - Hans Bakker - Figments Volume 2, Contemporary Solo and Chamber Ensemble Works (Navona Records NV 6259)  19 feb. 2020 · KALX RadioActivity.fm    Berkeley's freeform college radio station.    @kalxplaylist
11 Mar 2020, News
Another airplay for FIGMENTS VOL. 2 , including Tiento I & II, from Radio Horizon in South Africa
Airplay for FIGMENTS VOL. 2 from Radio Horizon in South Africa, No. 10:  https://drive.google.com/open? id= 10VkBS1nyEXd43UvRO0KaEuWH0Qt- fCwJ  
09 Feb 2020, News
Graduate Flute Studio: New Music from PARMA Recordings. Univ. of Mass. 10 Feb. at 19:30 EST
Next Monday! Join the Graduate Flute Studio at   UMass Amherst Department of Music and Dance   as they perform music by PARMA composers   Ayala Asherov - אילה אשרוב ,   Hans Bakker Composer ,   Garth Baxter-Composer , Daniel Perttu, William Fletcher, and Byron Petty. This promises to be a beautiful evening of new music, and one you won't want to miss.  New Music from PARMA Recordings
27 Jan 2020, News
TRIOFORTE - flute, cello, piano - with an adventurous program in the context of "Bach to the Future".
https://flint.nl/programma/seizoen-19-20/trioforte/                               Coffee concert on 9-2-2020 at 11:00 in the Sint Aegten Chapel.  You will of course hear Johann Sebastian, but "the future" starts with son Carl Philipp Emanuel. Composers such as Mendelssohn, Gounod and Villa-Lobos were also inspired by the great master, as well as the Amersfoort composers Hans Bakker, Anne-Maartje Lemereis and Niek de Vente ...
24 Jan 2020, News
Video highlight from recent sessions with the Kühn Choir in Prague
Among other things 'Ich habe den Menschen gesehen' & 'Rat-Counsel' for SATB.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=42dfNdfegYk    Text and sheet music free of charge at:    https://hansbakker.musicaneo.com/sheetmusic/sm-369667_rat_-_counsel_for_mixed_choir_satb.html
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