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27 Jun 2019, News
Next Sunday, 30-06-2019,  15:00-18:30   SOMEXTRO in CONCERT. The 10th edition!  Address:  Dienstencentrum Copernicus, Daguerrestraat 16, 2561 TT, Den Haag ( www.dccopernicus.nl ). Concert program:  - Frank den Herder:4 liederen voor sopraan en piano: -Le vent nocturne (Guillaume Apollinaire) -Sneeuwval (Jaqueline van der Waals) -Vogels (Rina van der Wel) -De moeder de vrouw (Martinus Nijhoff)                ...
09 Jan 2019, News
Nice message about and by TRIOFORTE in the weekly newspaper DE STAD AMERSFOORT
Mooi bericht over en door TRIOFORTE in weekblad DE STAD AMERSFOORT: www.destadamersfoort.nl Op zondag 13 januari, om 11 uur, zullen - tijdens het koffieconcert van de Flint serie - in de Aegtenkapel maar liefst drie premières van Amersfoortse bodem te horen zijn. Fluitiste Francien Post, cellist Sander Westphal en pianiste Corien van den Berg , samen Trioforte, spelen dan een Nederlands / Frans programma. “In onze programma’s proberen we altijd een goede balans te vinden tussen avontuur en ...
07 Jan 2019, News
Première of Trio Breeze of Twilight for flute, violoncello and piano
January 13, 11:00-12:00, in the Sint Aegtenkapel, Amersfoort.                          With music by Ravel, Debussy and Fauré. And no less than two premières dedicated to this trio, namely from Hans Bakker and from Niek de Vente. https://flint.nl/programma/seizoen-1819/francien-post-fluit-sander-westphal-cello-corien-van-den-berg-piano/        ...
31 Dec 2018, News
10th Somextro concert meeting on January 27- 2019 in The Hague, Netherlands
Among other works: Hans Bakker's Tiento II for guitar; and from his Caro mio - mia Cara for guitar & harpsichord: movement II Largo and III Toccata. EVENSI.NL                                                                                                  ...
23 Dec 2018, News
New review / feature spot for LEGENDS & LIGHT
Finally, I had like to share with you this recent feature spot for LEGENDS & LIGHT from TEXTURA online, calling the album ONE OF THEIR TOP compilations of the year. I've linked the article below: https://www.textura.org/archives/articles/2018top10s.htm#10comps textura
22 Dec 2018, News
A recent feature spot in American Record Guide
LEGENDS & LIGHT was also reviewed in the recent publication of American Record Guide. While the review is a quite harsh.    This critic is inadmissible for the music of Canzona III Hidden in Her Light. He calls it "rash and directionless". OK, just as rash as a flowing mountain stream in front of the sea, and just as directionless as the sky ladders in an autumn forest are in front of the sun! It is not spent on him !! Better judge yourself, listener ...          ...
29 Nov 2018, News
Review Graveyard awarding a 10 for LEGENDS & LIGHT (Navona Records NV6187)
Very happy to share with you this new review for LEGENDS & LIGHT from Review Graveyard online, awarding the album a perfect 10 out 10! The article:   http://www.reviewgraveyard.com/00_revs/r2018/music/18-10-12_legends-light.html
20 Nov 2018, News
Another nice 'Legends & Light' review from TEXTURA on 'Legends & Light' (Navona Records NV6187):
Another nice review:  http://textura.org/archives/v/va_legendslight.htm       " The album opens with the three-part tone poem   Canzona III: Hidden in Her Light , the final installment in a triptych by the Netherlands-based Bakker and like the earlier parts a hymn (or canticle, in the composer's own words) to the sun. Performed with conviction by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra (Petr Vronský conducting), each of the movements plays like a short story or symphonic poem for ...
02 Nov 2018, News
“The Inside Story” interview. Read on to learn Hans’s hopes for LEGENDS & LIGHT, and his piece  Canzona III Hidden in Her Light … With 3 listening examples at the end:  https://parmarecordings-news.com/the-inside-story-hans-bakker-and-legends-light/                                                                   ...
31 Oct 2018, News
Brand new review for LEGENDS & LIGHT from The Whole Note
Happy with another new, now Canadian review. And totally different!    https://www.thewholenote.com/ index.php/booksrecords2/ booksrecords2-2?limit=16& start=16   Another example of the fact that the mind of the connoisseur can, according to ability, say sensible things about the music on the basis of knowledge. But what matters is the experience of the music by the receptive listener, although I never forget that listeners are free to feel and judge as they want.
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